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Galleries of past art:

An Anti-Stylist Selection
various paintings from 1997 - 2000
"Still Lives" from the 80's and early 90's
some paintings from 1995-97
some paintings from 1993-96
Johnson paintings and drawings from 1990-95
some paintings from 1992 - 1993
some paintings and drawings from 1996
One Page Books
assorted Johnson drawings
Charles Bukowski's "Not Quite Bernadette"
Breeders and Ghouls
assorted Johnson etchings
Some Older Sculpture
Cures for A Healthy World
some work from the early 90's
Divorce and Remarriage
selections from the 80's
confrontational work from the 80's
"Feels Real" etchings
"The Nine Commandments" etchings
"Contemplatin Suicide" etchings
"Laughin at Life" etchings
"Who Cares" etchings





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Art from Lubbock, Texas
featuring Great Art, Contemporary Painting and Digital Video by
James W Johnson, the original Anti-Stylist.